Checklist For Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer:

Checklist for choosing a personal injury lawyer:

personal injury law
How long has the attorney been in practice?
Suggestion: At least 15 years practicing in the State in which your case will be filed if a lawsuit is necessary.

How long has the lawyer been practicing primarily in the plaintiff’s personal injury law?
Suggestion: At least 15 years of primary plaintiffs’ personal injury law and very experienced with cases similar to yours.

What is the attorneys or law firms Martindale-Hubbell Rating*?
Suggestion: You want a lawyer or law firm that is rated “A”, “V”.

Does the lawyer or law firm regularly go to trial on their cases?
Suggestion: You want a lawyer or law firm that has a litigation department that is very experienced in trial work and regularly goes to trial on their cases.

Will the lawyer or law firm advance the costs necessary to pursue your case?
Suggestion: You want a lawyer or law firm that will advance the costs and not look to you to repay them if the case is not successful.

Can the lawyer show you testimonials from previous clients?
Suggestion: Ask for testimonials. A healthy list of current testimonials is a sign of satisfied clients and is a good indication that you may be satisfied as well.

How many similar cases has the lawyer successfully handled?
Suggestion: You want a lawyer that has successful experience with your type of case, experience with the type of defendant you are pursuing, experience with the type of law firm that will be handling the defense, and the court that the case my go to trial in if that is necessary.

Will the lawyer provide you a free consultation?
Suggestion: The best lawyers are going to provide a free consultation. The lawyers will not know if they are interested in your case without assessing you and your case. No need to bother with lawyers that do not provide a free consultation.

Do you and the lawyer communicate well? Are your questions answered clearly? Did the lawyer give you practical advice as well as legal advice?
Suggestion: You want a lawyer who answers your questions clearly, provides information, suggestions and insights greater than you asked about and listens to you.accident lawyers

How do you feel about the lawyer?
Suggestion: You want a lawyer you feel comfortable with and that you trust. If you are uncomfortable or do not trust him/her, keep looking.

Does the lawyer appear to care about you and your case?
Suggestion: You want a lawyer who loves representing personal injury clients and winning cases. If you feel confident with the lawyer who scores well on the previous questions, hire him/her.

What to avoid when you need to hire a Personal Injury lawyer
Many people do not know where to find a skilled and qualified attorney who can aggressively represent their case. The following are some common mistakes that people make when choosing a personal injury attorney:

Personal injury lawyer referral from a friend: Your friend probably had a different legal situation compared to yours, requiring different attributes in an attorney, which may not be what you need to recover monetary compensation for your injuries.
Finding a personal injury lawyer in the yellow-pages: Yellow pages are impersonal and do not give you the background information that you need to hire a competent personal injury attorney.
Choosing a personal injury attorney because the office is local: Convenience should not be more significant than skill, professionalism, compassion, and the ability to effectively represent your case. You should find an attorney who has all of the qualities that are needed for a successful outcome in your case.

* Martindale-Hubbell has been rating lawyers for over 100 years. It is by far the most widely recognized of all ratings of lawyers. There are two categories of ratings, “Legal Ability Ratings” and “General Ethical Standards Rating”. The “Legal Ability Ratings” are “C” (from Good to High), “B” (from High to Verey High), and “A” (from Very High to Preeminent). The “General Ethical Standards Rating” is: “V” (Very High).


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Bicycle Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Bicycle Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Anyone who rides a bike around the city is probably well aware of the dangers facing riders. Navigating the city streets on a bike can be a tricky and risky task. Despite the recent push for safe bike riding, bicycle accidents can occur for any number of reasons. Those accidents can result in skin burns and/or cuts, skull fractures, broken bones and much accident attorneys

Bicycle accidents can be especially dangerous because bikes do not provide any type of protection from roadway hazards. Additionally, those involved in bicycle accidents face unique legal challenges under the law. That said, it is very important for anyone who has been involved in a bike accident to work with a skilled attorney who is already familiar with the laws and rights of bicyclists. More information here:

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, contact a accident lawyer at our firm as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are preserved. Call us today.

Some Of The Reasons For Bike Accidents

Whether you’re hopping on your bike to go to an area convenience store or your child is simply riding up and down the street in front of your home, bicycle accidents, just like all other types of motor vehicle accidents, can occur at any given moment. The two primary reasons for bike accidents are unskilled and incompetent motor vehicle drivers and/or hazardous road conditions.

Bicycle accidents can occur for other reasons as well, such as:

Defective roadway design
Poor visibility
Unexpected obstacles in the roadway

An all-too-popular scenario involves a bicyclist being “doored.” This occurs when a negligent motorist opens the door of a vehicle right in the path of an oncoming cyclist.

As the population has grown, so has the number of bicyclists in the area. Along with that growth there has been an influx of accidents that probably could have been avoided. Anyone who has been hurt in any type of accident, whether it’s a bicycle accident or a pedestrian accident, should seek legal guidance from a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident because time is of the essence.
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Liability In Bicycle Accidents
Even though bike riders are expected to abide by the same laws and rules as motor vehicle operators, the standards are set slightly higher for motorists who drive by children on bikes. Kids are not as cautious as adults; therefore, drivers must pay particular attention in areas where kids are riding bikes.

One of the primary questions that individuals often have after a bicycle accident is, “How are my bills going to get paid?” Under the law, bike riders are considered pedestrians, and as such, they are entitled to no-fault coverage in many cases. In light of that, it is a good idea for an individual who has been involved in a bicycle accident to work with a lawyer who can seek to preserve evidence and conduct an investigation of the accident. Evidence is crucial in bicycle accident cases, and a skilled lawyer can help you pursue appropriate compensation.

Those who have been injured in bicycle accidents or motorcycle accidents should contact a knowledgeable attorney at our firm right away by calling to schedule a consultation.

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After An Accident – Need Money Fast?

After An Accident – Need money fast? – Get a car Accident Lawyer

The most common type of motor vehicle accidents that occur in the US on a daily basis are car accidents. Unfortunately when such events occur there is always a victim that suffers the consequences of someone that has been negligent while driving or parking. There is nothing you can do to turn back time and fix the damage but you surely do have the legal right to get compensated for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost opportunities if you are the injured accident lawyers

In order to obtain a financial relief from the accused party in a quick manner, you must hire a car accident lawyer as soon as you can. No matter how hard it is for you to deal with such activities at a time while you are still undergoing medical physical or mental treatment, it is an absolute must for those who want to feel the financial security to pay all their bills, while they are in a hospital.

There are several well known methods to find an expert car injury lawyer:
• A car accident negligence lawyer is most commonly a motor-vehicle collision specialist that can be found in reputable law firms. Try visiting or calling a few of them that you have heard of and make your choice.

• An automobile accident attorney can also be found if you have a local friend that was in the same situation to ask for a referral.

What you should avoid doing before hiring a car accident lawyer:
• Moving your car or changing the position of another victim, unless you are medically competent before the police and the ambulance arrive. By doing so you my ruin your case and risk to be accused for some personal damages.

• Giving official written or taped statements immediately after the accident while you are still in shock and without a lawyer to guide you. If you provide too much wrongfully organized information, the police report may be used against you in accident attorneys

• Accepting settlements, that were offered to you by the Insurance company of the party at fault for the car collision. Those settlements only cover your medical bills but do not compensate you for all the pain and suffering you had gone through and all the wages you have lost.

Our firm has skillful and aggressive negligence lawyers with a proven reputation and excellent case history. We have won impressive high compensations for victims of car collisions. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation.

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