Speeding Tickets and other Moving Violations

Getting a traffic ticket is a common occurrence. In fact, most people get a traffic ticket at least once in their life. Many people simply pay the ticket without realizing the consequences involved, while others assume that they have no other choice.

Paying a traffic ticket is the same as pleading guilty and most moving violations are reported on your driving record. This can result in increased insurance premiums or your insurance company choosing not to renew your policy, at all. A poor driving record can also affect your ability to gain employment. Many companies today run complete background checks on all prospective employees. A bad driving record can be perceived as a lack of responsibility and may result in someone else landing your dream job.

CDL or Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Receiving a traffic violation can have extreme consequences for professional drivers. These drivers hold licenses that allow them to haul heavy loads, carry hazardous materials, transport numerous passengers and many other potentially dangerous activities. Maintaining this license has strict guidelines and one traffic citation could result in the loss of this license and their jobs.

Our Attorney  represents clients in traffic courts throughout the State. Her knowledge and experience can provide all drivers with options to avoid the negative consequences of pleading guilty to a traffic citation. If you have recently received a traffic citation, take action to protect your driving record by calling us today!

License Suspension & Revocation

Many states assess points against your driver’s license for each traffic citation and will suspend or revoke your driving privileges if too many points are received.

Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license can occur under specific circumstances, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Texting and driving
  • Failure to stop when a school bus is loading/unloading children
  • Driving with a suspended driver’s license
  • Failure to appear in court for a traffic citation

The most common cause of license suspension is a failure to appear in court for a traffic citation. In many courts, hearings on traffic violations are mandatory appearances. Failure to appear on that date results in the judge issuing an arrest warrant. Most drivers have a desire to clear their suspension and underlying traffic citation, but fear being arrested. Many continue to drive, out of necessity, in order to get to work or bring their children to school. This often results in being cited for driving with a suspended license, which can result in an arrest and always compounds the charges, fines, etc. the driver was already facing.

If your driver’s license is suspended, you don’t have to risk driving illegally due to fear of going to jail. We have assisted many clients with the process involved in regaining their driving privileges and clearing up suspensions, fines, etc., all while avoid time in jail.

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Business Litigation Attorney Ready to Assist Your Company

At our Law Firm, we understand how challenging starting and running a business can be. Not only are there innate legal issues that must be dealt with when creating your company, there are often disputes between business partners and other entities. When litigation matters arise, they can pose a significant threat to the well-being and success of a business. Failure to appropriately handle business disputes can cause you to incur unnecessary costs that impact your bottom line. Our Attorney  is a seasoned litigator that can provide you with the strong legal support you need to overcome matters that could potentially have unfavorable consequences for business.

As a seasoned litigator, we zealously defends the interests of a variety of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. She is able to tailor her representation and the legal process to the unique needs and desired outcome of her clients, which requires an inherent understanding of the business and the legal matters at hand. By utilizing numerous creative legal strategies that she has perfected over her lengthy legal career,  we have the expertise and resources to provide you with the zealous advocacy your company needs.

Contract Disputes

At the heart of every business lies one or more contracts. A contract is designed to let each party involved know what their responsibilities and obligations are, and to hold them to those obligations. When one or more parties fail to adhere to the terms of a contract, a business can be put at risk. If you are involved in a contract dispute of any kind, Our Law Office can provide you with the expert legal support you need to aggressively defend the interests and rights of your business.

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DUI Attorney

Providing You With a Zealous Legal Defense In the Face of Drunk Driving Charges

DUI laws exist in order to protect motorists and pedestrians on the road from dangerous drivers. However, not everyone who is arrested on the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol was intoxicated at the time of their arrest. There are a great many factors that can cause a person to be falsely arrested for or accused of drunk driving, causing them to live with the consequences of a black mark on their driving record for the rest of their lives. At our Law Office, we provide DUI defendants with expert legal support and an aggressive defense, and we’ll fight tirelessly for your rights under  law.

DUI Penalties

The penalties associated with being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol can be severe and life changing. Punishments for a DUI conviction are as follows:

First Offense

If you are charged with and convicted of driving while intoxicated for the first time, you could face between 2 days and 6 months in jail. You could also be fined up to $1,000 and have your license suspended for 90 days. In some cases, especially if your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is very high at the time of your arrest, you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.

Second Offense

A second offense DUI is punishable by no less than 30 days in a county jail, but potentially up to 6 months. A $1,000 fine may also be imposed, and your license may be suspended for one year. Again, an ignition interlock device may need to be installed in your vehicle.

Third Offense

The penalties of a third offense DUI are significantly harsher. You could be sentenced to at least 45 days in jail but no more than 5 years. The fine is increased to $2,000 with a third offense DUI, your license will be suspended for 2 years, and you will be required to install an ignition interlock device.

Fourth Offense

For a fourth offense DUI, the incarceration period is no less than 75 days, but up to 30 years depending on the severity of the scenario in question. The fine is increased to $5,000 and license suspension remains at 2 years. An ignition interlock device is also required for this type of DUI charge.

DUI Considerations

The legal limit of alcohol allowed in the blood of a person aged 21 or over is 0.08%. If an individual is under the age of 18, a DUI charge will result if the individual tests positive for 0.02% BAC or higher. Commercial drivers are allowed no greater than a 0.04% BAC before they can be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

The lookback period for prior DUI offenses is 10 years. This means that if you had one DUI charge in a period of 10 years and are arrested for another DUI after 10 years have passed, you will be charged with a first time DUI offense instead of a second.

Although you have the right to refuse a chemical test, there are automatic penalties that you will incur if you choose to do so. If you refuse a chemical test on a first or second offense DUI charge, your license will be revoked for no less than 6 months. If you refuse a chemical test on a third offense DUI charge, your license will be revoked and you may also be required to spend no less than 2 days in jail, but potentially more.

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