Attorney Services

Providing Lawyers With Strong Legal Support & Outsource Options

Attorneys often need the services of other attorneys in order to procure the best possible outcome for the client. In some situations, the best course of action is for a law firm to outsource their case to another lawyer to reduce litigation costs and other legal expenses for all parties involved.

Our Attorney is a veteran solo practitioner that has developed strong litigation skills over the course of her career and can offer other law firms with expert assistance in a variety of legal matters.

We are available to serve as local counsel for out of state firms whose clients need work performed by an attorney. Further, her experience in representing business clients has lead to work as outside General Counsel. Law Firms and corporations in need of such services are encouraged to call our office. These calls are immediately dispatched , whether she is in the office or away in court, depositions, etc. She personally returns each call either immediately or within less than twenty four hours.

Litigation Project Management

We handle corporate work for numerous business clients. Our Attorney has successfully represented a Fortune 500 company in multi-defendant litigation, and as a successful individual attorney with uncompromising litigation skills and experience, she allows in house counsel to securely outsource their potentially costly civil litigation projects. We provide representation by an experienced, seasoned and tough litigator who will produce the client’s desired outcome in a more cost effective manner.

Each project will first be reviewed thoroughly by our attorney. In short order, the client will receive a legal roadmap, outlining the steps required to meet their stated goal along with a budget itemizing projected attorney’s fees, expenses, and costs. The client will be updated personally by the attorney  twice monthly and/or at every important phase of the project.  Our Law Office has the technology in place to be accessible to her clients at all times, while still allowing for quality work according to the client approved budget.